Why should I choose Prime & Prim for my training?

Prime & Prim Modeling has a team committed to excellence and success. We have extensive experience in modeling, acting and dance. We thrive on teaching aspiring models/actors/dancers the essential tools and techniques needed to be successful. We will not only equip you to become successful in the industry, but will know how to conduct yourself in all areas of the professional arena (networking, public speaking, communication, etc).

Are there certain attributes you must have to be admitted to the Studio?

At Prime & Prim we need to see that you have what it takes to become a model or dancer. We train individuals of all shapes and sizes for various markets which have different height and weight requirements. We need to see that you are willing to dedicate your time and effort to all the necessary training to not only build your poise, walk, look, persona, etc., but to be business oriented as well.

Will I become successful after attending Prime & Prim Studio of the Arts?

You can! If you have what it takes to be a successful model/actor/dancer we can assist you in reaching your dream. However we make no promises to students in efforts of pursuing a successful modeling, acting or dance career, upon completion of the program. If you apply all the tools and techniques that you’ve learned and you know this is something you are ready to put your all in and you maintain your discipline and drive then your chances could be very attainable. Even if you do not pursue modeling or dance, the benefits attending Prime & Prim will give you the skills needed to succeed in any career you may ultimately choose.

What should I expect upon completion of my training?

Upon completion of your curriculum you become an alumni of Prime & Prim Studio of the Arts. If you decide that modeling is for you and you want to take it to the next level you could be recruited as a paid model for Prime & Prim or we will point you in the right direction for other opportunities. If you decide dance is for you and you want to take it to the next level you could win a scholarship to further study the art of dance and/or receive paid opportunities.

What is the tuition cost to attend Prime & Prim Studio of the Arts?

Prime & Prim Modeling is independently owned and operated and the cost of tuition varies. For more information regarding tuition costs, you may contact us at (803) 306-6932.