Code of Conduct


  • To insure the best opportunity for each student to receive the greatest art coaching and guidance benefits, we expect all students at Prime & Prim Studio of the Arts to adhere to its rules and regulations and to behave throughout the studio in a disciplined, responsible and courteous manner.  Our students are expected to treat each other and the school faculty and staff with respect.
  • Please arrive on time (but no earlier than 5 minutes), as every minute of each class is of value.  It is also disruptive to the class when students arrive late.  If the student is early, please be prepared to wait in the hall area, or outside with your student (minors must be accompanied by an adult while in the hall), and enter the classroom when invited by the instructor.
  • Please visit the restroom before class.
  • No food or drinks in the classroom area, with the exception of Camp Creativity.
  • No gum anywhere.
  • Be prepared to fully concentrate on the lesson during class time.  Visit your friends before and after class, but not during.
  • Do not compare your technique and style to others in class.  Great artists become great through a process of trial and error.  What you see as a mistake, may be seen by others as setting out on the path to greatness.
  • Offensive language and/or behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Use of cellphones is not permitted in the classroom.


  • Please use the side door to drop off and pick up your children.
  • Please arrive promptly for class, but no earlier than 5 minutes before class is to begin. Our instructor’s need time to set up the classroom for the day’s lesson.
  • Please pick up your child promptly at the end of the class to avoid incurring additional charges. If you know you are going to be late in picking up your student, please call us ahead of time or try to make other transportation arrangements.
  • Please resist the urge to “correct” your child’s work.  Great artists become great through a process of trial and error.  What you see as a mistake, may just be one of our budding artists setting out on the path to greatness.
  • Please wait for students outside the classroom as our space is limited.
  • Please do not carry on conversations during class.  Our students are trying to concentrate on the instructor’s directions, and other conversations can be very distracting.